Quick install guide for iGlobe CRM

Install iGlobe CRM with a few steps.


iGlobe advise to use a seperate SharePoint Communication Site for deploying the iGlobe CRM App. Create the site and make this site a HUB site. Set up the regional settings of your region and the language settings. iGlobe CRM is currently available in English, Danish, German, Spanish and Dutch.
Note: [Using best practice from Microsoft, we advise you follow the below step logged in as a global administrator]

1. Using the new SharePoint site you just created for iGlobe CRM. From the SharePoint site settings in the top navigation bar select Add an app 
2. Select SharePoint Store and search for iGlobe CRM
3. Add the App
iGlobe CRM Office 365 App will now be added to the SharePoint Site. 

Before we start to configure the CRM App. Please make sure to add the CRM users to the SharePoint Site.
1. iGlobe CRM Administrator must be added to the SharePoint site Owner Group.
2. Standard iGlobe CRM users must be added to the SharePoint site Member Group

You are ready to configure the app. All you have to do is launch the app and a wizard will guide you through a few simple step.
When you click on the App you will be asked to trust the App. Click on Trust IT from the prompt window to proceed.
  1. 1. Securing the CRM App. When you start the App you will be asked to authenticate as an Administrator. Please make sure you are using an Office 365 Gloabl Administrator account to give consent
iGlobe operate iGlobe CRM Office 365 with a commitment to security, privacy and compliance. We are using the security and authentication flow required by Microsoft for Office 365. iGlobe CRM Office 365 uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to provide secure sign in, authorization and consent. iGlobe CRM Office 365 is a multi-tenant Cloud SharePoint Add-in that is tightly integrated to Office 365, for example the Planner, Groups and Outlook Office Add-ins. This integration requires admin consent before the app can be fully used across users in the organization.
The process of approving the application for the whole organization by the administrator is referred to as admin consent and is a part of the Azure AD OAuth implementation.
When you access the application for the first time you will see a window on the top left corner explaning you what you will need to do to get admin consent for iGlobe CRM. It is very simple. Login as an Office 365 Global admin and press on the link “Authorize”. First you will be asked to log in to Office 365. Second you will be presented to a new pop-up asking for you censent. Press “Accept”.
The admin consent flow has been completed and your organization is signed up for using the application.
  1. 2. Add Company/Customer/lead settings
  2. 3. Add Contact settings
  3. 4. Add Pipeline settings

4. Connecting to iGlobe CRM Service

Security is important to iGlobe. We want to make sure that only subscribed customer and customers approved by us have access to receive update to iGlobe CRM. To ensure that, you will have to authorize a user to our service. We are using Microsoft Identity service for that purpose.
In iGlobe CRM Admin center select Web Service Config. Use the CRM admin user to verify the service

IMPORTANT! Please notice that SharePoint API do not support MFA nor legacy password. We recommend that you create a seperate CRM user with NO Office 365 license and a normal user role. Create a policy where you have an exeption for this user. This user should not have MFA activated nor legacy passsword and please set up the password for this user no never expire.  

If you have any question, please contact support@iglobe.dk and we will assist you in the deployment process

  1. 5. Browser

We recomend to use Microsoft Edge, Chrome or FireFox. If you are using IE11 please make sure you follow the below steps.  In order to leverage the capabilities found in modern browsers, we will no longer support versions of Internet Explorer older than IE11.   While there is no set time for this change, it will gradually happen over time as features are updated to use advanced browser capabilities. Your users that use earlier versions of Internet Explorer will start to see more "diminished experiences", and sometimes functionality will be completely broken. 
If you have users who are accessing SharePoint Online using IE9 or IE10 we recommend that you upgrade to Microsoft Edge to continue to have access to critical iGlobe CRM Office 365 and SharePoint Online functionality.
IGlobe CRM application requires some custom setting in IE browser to make it fully functional. We will need to add the iGlobe CRM site to your trusted sites to ensure that you’re not bothered with ActiveX or other types of warnings, for websites you trust. Follow these steps in Internet Explorer:
  1. Open  the IGlobe CRM App in your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. From the Tools menu button, choose Internet Options.
  3. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Security tab.
  4. Click the big, green check mark: Trusted Sites.
  5. Click the Sites button.

You discover the Trusted Sites dialog box. The website you’re visiting is shown next to the Add button.

  1. Click the Add button.
  2. The website is added to the list.
  3. Click Close.
  4. Click OK to send off the Internet Options dialog box.

IMOPORTANT! Please notice the first time a new user start the CRM Add-in a pop-up will open and close. This is for security reason making sure the current user have propper access to the SharePoint site and the CRM Add-in. PLEASE MAKE SURE THERE IS NO POP-UP BLOCKER!


iGlobe CRM is integrated with outlook letting you save e-mail into iGlobe CRM. Mails you have sent or received and have chosen to save into iGlobe CRM can be seen on the contact person. The key to make the relation is the e-mail address. This means that a valid e-mail address in the CRM is an important requirement to get this part working properly. 

iGlobe Outlook app can be downloaded from here. Use the following instruction to set-up the app. 



Check out our "Get started with iGlobe CRM" YouTube channel 


For customization or set-up to meet your organisation specific needs please study the documentation or contact iGlobe support, support@iglobecrm.com . You can also contact one of our partners