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iGlobe Extensions for Microsoft 365 – Empowers you to do more with less

The concept of “going to work”, arriving at a specific location and working on a specific task either as an individual or with the same group of people has changed. Today’s workforce is spread across more locations than ever before. In addition to physical separation, teams in the same company are separated by projects and departments. These barriers unfortunately lead to communication silos, furthering separation and limiting teamwork and collaboration. Silos can have a significant (and detrimental) effect on your business. They create barriers between teams, often disrupting communications across your entire organization

As work is increasingly occurring in teams, in shared space, both in or outside the "office"​, we see that the “office” workplace is becoming a collaboration hub where employees meet “face-to-face” anytime anywhere and spend time connecting with each other. The way people work together is evolving, and unique projects, work styles, functional roles and workforce diversity call for a complete set of collaboration tools. As the appetite for new ways of working together grows, new developments in communications, mobility and cloud services are enabling professionals to communicate and collaborate in ways that were previously not possible. With Microsoft 365, iGlobe help drive positive workplace transformation.

Over the last year, we have expanded our offering to deliver Office and SharePoint extensions across all Office 365 services as-well as to external application. We see Microsoft 365 as a WORKPLACE that binds organizations together, breaks down communication and application barriers, and strengthens teamwork by fostering open communication and increased productivity. We believe in usable solutions that are true extensions of Microsoft 365 to secure empowerment and value for our customers from day one. Microsoft 365 extension must be Plug & Play, easy to learn, simple to implement and affordable.  In iGlobe we have a motto “one click will do the trick“. iGlobe is dedicated to deliver state of the art, secured and compliant  apps and add-ins to Microsoft Office 365. 

Apps from iGlobe ensures that no one employee is working in a silo. Rather, it removes silos and allows them to leverage the collective intelligence to get work done faster – and smarter. With many employees citing collaboration as one of the most valuable attributes in their ideal workplace, Microsoft 365 Add-ins from iGlobe are perfectly fit to empower employees to work in the same way they communicate in their personal lives – digitally, in real time, without boundaries.
Our motto is - “One click will do the trick“. 

Microsoft 365 App Certification offers assurance and confidence to enterprise organizations that data and privacy are adequately secured and protected when your Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams integration, or Graph API app is introduced to the Microsoft 365 platform. Certification confirms that an app solution is compatible with Microsoft technologies, compliant with cloud app security best practices, and supported by Microsoft, a trusted partner. App certification is achieved through the acceptance and approval of comprehensive documentation centering the app's security and compliance protocols, procedures, processes and a PEN test. Applications that pass validation will be designated Microsoft 365 App Certified.
Be inspired by our customers

AIMS Accountants for Business is the largest network of independent qualified accountants in the United Kingdom. AIMS was looking for a way to provide its employees and franchise holders with centralized, structured access to important documents and files. Learn how AIMS has optimized their file structure across the company saving time and hassle using Office2SharePoint App.

Cadeler. Danish shipping company Cadeler supports the transport and installation of offshore turbines and foundations that help generate sustainable wind energy. Being on a growth journey, Cadeler needed a stable and secure cloud-based solution for handling important files and documents. It chose Microsoft SharePoint for its flexibility and high level of data security. With Office2SharePoint from iGlobe, it enjoys an optimized SharePoint experience, saving employees time and increasing efficiency in file and record handling. Learn how SharePoint and Office2SharePoint are helping Cadeler drive its growing business forward. 

System Cleaners, a Danish company that supplies open-plant cleaning solutions to the global food and beverage industry, sought a real-time view of its pipeline and greater transparency for customer data. System Cleaners chose iGlobe CRM because iGlobe’s solution seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft 365 platform, creating an easy, digital workflow for the sales management team while also meeting System Cleaners’ requirements. Learn how System Cleaners streamlines its sales pipeline with iGlobe CRM and Microsoft 365
The Danish Water Association (DVV) The association chose iGlobe’s Microsoft 365-certified Office2SharePoint for Outlook app, providing employees an easy way to store files and emails directly from Outlook to a designated folder in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Learn how Office2SharePoint for Outlook saves DVV significant time looking for files and emails.