iGlobe CRM PowerApp Mobile App

Learn how to implement iGlobe CRM Power App. 

Use iGlobe CRM Mobile PowerApp as standard or easily customize the App to fit your exact need—on the road. In order to use the PowerApp with iGlobe CRM on your tenant, you will have to configure the App as shown below.
Import and set up iGlobe CRM PowerApp
Import the app
1. Sign in to Power Apps.
2. Select Apps from the left navigation pane.
3. Select Import on the command bar.
4. Upload the iGlobeCRMPowerApp.zip file
5. Complete the import setup for SharePoint Connection and Office 365 Users Connection by selecting the appropriate connections by using the Select during import hyperlink. You might have to create a new connection, if it doesn't already exist.
6. Select Import.
Update the SharePoint connections
1. Go back to the Apps list.
2. Select More commands (...) for the iGlobe CRM PowerApp Version 7 app.
3. Select Edit from the context menu.
4. Sign in or create any necessary connections, and then select Allow.
5. Go to the data sources in the left pane.
6. Remove existing SharePoint lists inside the app, because they don't point to your current SharePoint site.
7. Add the lists from your own SharePoint site. Start by searching for SharePoint in the search bar.
You will need to add the following list.
CRM Meeting Report
SSO List
CRM User Activity
CRM Contact
CRM Company
CRM Note
8. Select SharePoint, and then choose a connection.

9. Find the URL to your SharePoint CRM Site (it will start with iGlobe CRM R2) in the text field, and then select Connect.
10. Type in the following SharePoint lists one by one and then select Connect.

10. Select Save, and then select Publish.
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We can also offer you a demo or assist you in the implementation.