CRM - User-friendliness in focus

A well-designed user-friendly application is a key factor for success. In iGlobe we believe in the “One Click will do the trick” philosophy


Most CRM software is too hard to use. This conclusion is drawn from usability testing, anecdotal evidence, and personal experiences of software designers. This was a big issue for us. How do we make a solution that is familiar to the user, easy to use, and pleasure of use? Both on tablet or PC and using a mouse or touch screen.

We made iGlobe simpler by breaking features and content into a few screens or pages. We created an experience that puts you, your customer and the things you care about most in front. By anticipating your next action, we created a well-designed inductive interface that will help you answer two fundamental questions you face when looking at a screen:

What am I supposed to do now?
Where do I go from here to accomplish my next task?

Using the app metro design and our “One Click will do the trick” philosophy we accomplished a well-designed application that will make your browsing experience feel like it was made just for you, your customers and your device.

I can only recommend this application to others

"The graphical interface is what we needed to get quick overviews of CRM operations. The functionality covers the most of all basic needs in CRM with a deeply integration to Microsoft products. "

Antonio Bibovski,insightoffice

The optimal CRM solution for Office 365

"If you have chosen Office 365 as your strategic collaboration platform and your needs for CRM-functionality are basic with easy access from different devices such as PC, Tablet and SmartPhone - then iGlobe CRM is the right solution for you. If you are a Microsoft Partner this is a great opportunity to increase your margin on your Office 365 business with consulting (implementation, customization and training) for iGlobe CRM. "

Steen Helmer,TBK Consult
Buy iGlobe CRM from Microsoft Office Store or through a partner. Partner can provide you with guidance and a lower price.

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