iGlobe CRM FAQ


01. Can I get a demo of iGlobe CRM

iGlobe offer a full iGlobe CRM Demo site. The demo site is available on a Microsoft Office 365 tenant to give you real life experience of using the CRM application
You can also contact iGlobe by sending an email to info@iglobecrm.com and request a demo. Finally you can sign up up for one of our webinar

02. browser

iGlobe CRM Solution is optimized for Edge , Google Chrome, and Firefox.

03. How do I get the app from the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is a public marketplace that you can access directly from a SharePoint site where you can buy apps for personal or organizational use. To add an app to a site, you must have at least Full Control permissions for that site. For full instructions follow this link

04. How do I get the free iGlobe CRM app for Outlook.

Contact iGlobe by sending an email to info@iglobe.dk and we will send you the app. Should you require help installing and settimg up the app, please simply ASK. We will gladly help it is very simpel.

05. How do I get APP upgrade support.

Contact iGlobe by sending an email to support@iglobecrm.com or contact one of iGlobe partners.


06. Can you import Contacts and or Companies from an Excel spreadsheet into iGlobe CRM

Yes. iGlobe provide an imorting feature in the application. It is easy to use and reuse. No software needs to be downloaded or any other third party tool is needed.

07. Back-Up & Restore

Microsoft support offer a free back-up and restore service as a part of Microsoft 365 subscription. This means with iGlobe CRM you get a free back-up and restore service of the APP and the data.
These are the steps that needs to be followed

  • What steps were taken to cause the problem, if there is a problem (as the App not working due to changes to something on the site collection)
  • The business impact, how are this issue affecting your work. This is mainly for assessment of the restore process.
  • The Site URL
  • The App URL
  • Any restore process can only be achieved up to 10-Day from the day the restore is being executed. This are calendar days and not business days. After that Microsoft won’t be able to restore. Example: Your site has a problem on the 11th, you want to restore to the 10th, if the service request only reaches Microsoft Support Escalation by the 25th, the restore will not be possible. So, it is very important to submit a restore SR as soon as the problem is diagnosed to increase the timeframe for Microsoft services to escalate the case and can process the request and the restore accordingly.