IMPORTANT! This app is only valid with iGlobe CRM Office 365App for SharePoint Online. Apps are mini applications that extend what you can do with the new version of Office and SharePoint 2013. Apps are available for Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, PowerPoint, and SharePoint Online. This App is an App for Outlook 2013, 2016 and OWA
iGlobe CRM Outlook App deliver improved productivity for Office 365 and Outlook, OWA, iPad, iPhone and Tablets users! A large amount of customer communication takes place via email. So we created an Outlook App to give you the best integration to iGlobe CRM no matter what device you are on. Once you've installed the iGlobe Outlook App you'll see the iGlobe App at the top of your email, allowing you to save it to iGlobe CRM in just one click – resulting in a full conversation history between you and your client, all efficiently indexed and searchable. 

iGlobe Outlook App

iGlobe CRM Add-in on Outlook for IOS
You will now be able to:
- Save the email in iGlobe CRM
- Save and relate to an opportunity
- Save on any contact in the CRM
- Create a company
- Create a contact
- Create an opportunity
- Create a Notes
- Edit a company
- Edita contact
- Create a task in iGlobe CRM Plan. The Office 365 Plan you connected to you iGlobe VCRM
- You can relate an email to a contact in the CRM and directly on a case (SSO) you are working on. Adding additional text make it easier to find later. 
NOTICE!, Email from internal users or colleagues will not show up in the Add-in. You will get a massage "0" contcts found. iGlobe CRM is designed not to save recieved mails on internal users. A send mail is saved on the recievers of the email. And a mail you recieve, is saved on the sender of the mail. 


Installing iGlobe Outlook App.

You can install the mail app for a mailbox on an Exchange server by using the Outlook rich client, Outlook Web App, or OWA for Devices.

Installing a mail app in the Outlook rich client

You can install a mail app in the Outlook rich client through the Office Fluent Backstage view if the current Outlook profile is configured for an Exchange Server mailbox that is at least Exchange 2013. If this is the case, when you select File, you will see Manage Apps. Choose Manage Apps. This allows you sign in to the Exchange Admin Center. After signing in, continue the installation.

Installing a mail app by using the Exchange Admin Center

To use the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) to install a mail app, follow these steps:
Log on to the Exchange Online server. Select Apps to open the app manager.

Select the plus sign (+) to add a new app.

From the drop-down list, select Add from file, assuming you have stored the manifest on a local folder. Browse to the file path of the manifest, and then select Install. For the system administrator, installation is quick and straightforward and can be easily done through Microsoft's Office store - the app's manifest file is automatically uploaded to the Exchange 2013 or Office 365 deployment and iGlobe app is ready for use.
User experience is identical across all clients, be it an Office Outlook 2013 desktop application, Outlook web access (OWA) or through the Office 365 cloud website.
Additional functionality, such as the ability for an administrator to install an app for individual users, or force the app to show up in Outlook and Outlook Web App for a set of users, is also possible via the command line. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/fp142256(v=office.15).aspx

You can also get the Add-in directly from Outlook.

Configuration of iGlobe Outlook App

To configure iGlobe Outlook app you need to open the app and select the configuration icon on the right side.Select or open an email and you will find the Add-in for iGlobe CRM in the Outlook ribbon.
The first page you will see is an short explanation of the Add-in. Scroll down and press, “Continue”,  You will now be presented for the Add-in configuration. Copy the iGlobe CRM URL from your browser paste and save. 

When you press “Save” an authentication process will start. This will open a browser window. When the authentication is completed you can close the browser window. The app is now connected to iGlobe CRM. When opened again, it will make a lookup into iGlobe CRM to find the e-mail address of the sender from the selected e-mail. Press save to save in iGlobe CRM.

Your app is now configures to save mail in iGlobe CRM.

Using iGlobe CRM Outlook Add-in - https://youtu.be/IAbHVKqFu2E