This documentation will help you implement and maintain iGlobe CRM Office 365. iGlobe CRM is an Add-in (App) for SharePoint Online. The first step is to setup your SharePoint (Online) environment for using app’s in general. If you already have done that, then you are ready to implement iGlobe CRM. Please move on to chapter 3.

IMPORTANT! Please notice that we currently do not support MFA for the CRM Admin user that you are setting up in step one of the Wizard. We recommend that you create a seperate CRM user with no Office 365 license. This user should not have MFA activated and please set up the password for this user no never expire. If you have deployed Security Default in O365, make sure to make an exeption for the CRM users administrator. For any question please feel free to contact iGlobe.  

The document will help you to understand, how to

  • Install and configure the app
  • Set-up the user’s desktop
  • Customize the app to your specific need
  • Email integration
  • Import data to iGlobe CRM
  • Integration to ERP – This version support e-conomic ERP system (Denmark) and Saasu (Saasu.com)
  • Upgrade to new version of iGlobe CRM App.

For customers in the EU we strongly advise to contact one of our partner http://www.iglobecrm.com/partners to help you implement iGlobe CRM. Customers outside the EU, we advise to contact iGlobe on support@iglobecrm.com

Please register you app.

For support and notification of new releases, you must register the app. Registration is done from the administration of the app

Figure 1 Registration formula