Beta program

At iGlobe, we continually work to improve our existing products, develop new ones and bring you leading edge technology. Before our software is available to the general public, Beta Participants evaluate new products in their own environments. Beta Participants provide valuable feedback which shapes the future direction of our products. Beta Participants are in a unique position to learn about and give feedback on iGlobe products while they're still in development. You'll give feedback that helps make our software fit your needs and gain valuable insight into the industry's direction... knowledge that will keep you a step ahead. If you want to help shape the next generation of products - the software that will make a difference in your operations - then you have what it takes to be a Beta Participant. Contact Beta Programs today to find out how you can get started.

Apply Now!

If you are interested in becoming a Beta Participant, please contact Alon Ekelund for more information.