iGlobe Outlook Planner Add-in

Outlook iplanner Add-in is an Add-in to your Office 365 Planner. Office 365 Planner offers people a simple and highly visual way to organize teamwork. Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress. Planner can be used to manage a marketing event, brainstorm new product ideas, track a school project, prepare for a customer visit, or just organize your team more effectively. One of the most valuable aspects of Planner is that it helps teams organize their work visually. Each plan has its own Board, and within each Board, each work item or task is represented by a Card that can have due dates, attachments, categories and conversations associated with it. Team members receive an email notification whenever they are assigned a new Card or added to a conversation. Every Card can have documents (or pictures) attached that automatically get rich image previews, so it is easy to understand what the Card is about at a glance. In addition, Cards can be organized on the Board into customizable columns called Buckets, which can be prioritized and tagged with colored labels.


Introducing a iPlanner Outlook Add-in iGlobe is giving you assecc to your task directly from your Outlook. 

Get the Planner Add-in for Outlook from the Office store:

 You can install iPlanner Pro the following two ways:
  1. Are you deploying iPlanner Pro for more than one user. As an Office 365 Administrator, open the Exchange Online add-in catalog in Office 365. Select get the Add-in from the Store. Search for iPlanner Pro. Get the add-in. You will now be able to see the Add-in in the Exchange Add-in catalog. By default, the add-in is “Deactivated”. You can activate the Add-in by double clicking on the Add-in and select “Active”.  After you have deployed the Add-in you will be able to see iPlanner Pro in the Outlook client and in your online mail. An Office 365 Global administrator must be the first to start the Add-in for authentication and organizational consent. This is an important part of the Microsoft security model. Please remember to add users in the add-in user management. You will now automatically get a 30 days trial period for 3 users.
  1. Use the STORE icon in Outlook ribbon or use the STORE icon in Office 365. Search for iPlanner Pro. Get the add-in. iPlanner Pro is now available in your Outlook ribbon. Important! An office 365 Global administrator must be the first to start iPlanner Pro for authentication and to give consent allowing users in your organization to have access.  The first that start iPlanner Pro will automatically be given a role as iPlanner Pro administrator. Should any other user have access to iPlanner Pro, please remember to add users in the add-in user management.

iPlanner Pro is a true Office 365 Add-in that follow the security model set by Microsoft. let's get one thing straight. No data is saved locally on any devices, nor do iGlobe save any or YOUR data. An important part of the Microsoft security model requires that an Office 365 Global Administrator MUST give consent to your Office 365 organization/tenant user allowing them to access O365 services, like Planner, SharePoint, Groups and Calendar on YOUR tenant. This mean no one outside your organization can access your data. NO, not even iGlobe. 

That is all you now have access to your Planner task directly from Outlook. 


You can learn more about iPlanner Pro from this video 

Troubleshooting for iPlanner Pro:

- You must give consent as an O365 Global Admin
- Specially for MAC – if you have problem activating iPlanner Pro from the Outlook Client try using Chrome and activate iPlanner from your webmail. Make sure you don’t have any pop-up blocker.
- Make sure a task is assigned to a user. Please notice, when you are creating a task in the Planner you  are NOT automatically assigned to the task. You must assign the task.
- Add the Plans you want to see in Outlook to your favorites Plan in the online Planner.
- As a Global admin, when you install and configure the add-in you will automatically be added to the add-in user list. Other users that will be using the add-in must be created in the add-in user management.
Adding additional users to iPlanner Pro


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License renewal or request for more licenses contact aek@iglobe.dk
Request to join the iPlanner Yammer community and stay updated, send an email to aek@iglobe.dk




iGlobe are following Microsoft App security model 100%. Add-ins in Office 365 that are using services across Office 365, as Microsoft requires, are using the Microsoft Graph API to connect between the services. For example, from Outlook to Groups, SharePoint, Exchange and Planner. Hence, it is the API that requires permission to be able to display the data in the Add-in and provide you the functionality you want.

iPlanner Pro (as all the Office Add-ins iGlobe Provide) is a true Office add-in designed using the Microsoft Office 365 Security App model. When an Office 365 administrator from your organization give consent the first time iPlanner Pro is started, the administrator make sure only users from your Office 365 can get access to use iPlanner Pro on your tenant and have permission to request data from the required services. ALL OTHER EXTERNAL WILL NOT GET ACCESS. They haven’t been approved and don’t have consent and permission. The same goes for us (iGlobe), we don’t have access. Microsoft authentication and consent model set the permission level and allow your users to get data on your O365 only. 

When you give consent, you allow the users with the Graph API to
  1. Display their task information from the Online Planner
  2. Create a task from Outlook in the Online Planner
  3. Attach a mail to a task
  4. Attach a document from the selected mail
  5. Copy the subject and body text to the task
  6. Save into your and the group calendar
  7. Etc etc

Without the API having the required permissions you will not get this functionality. You will not be able to do anything from the Add-in! IGlobe don’t have access, it is the API that need this permission.

Second regarding your data. Data is not saved. We don’t save your data on our server. (we don’t have access or permission). No data are saved locally on any PC. It is an Office add-in that you deploy online. iPlanner Pro will be available on all the users devices where the users have a valid Office 365 account with the proper permission given by the Global administrator (the above)

iGlobe (we) host a service.  This service is used by all iPlanner Pro customer across the world. But data is on your Office 365. As stated in our EULA we only save information for our license management- Name and e-mail. From the iPlanner User management you can see exactly the same as we can see. This is also, where you have full access to remove and add users.

The GDPR and Security is key issue for us. We relay 100% on Microsoft and are following 100% the requirements they set.