IMPORTANT! iGlobe CRM uses web services on Microsoft Azure. To get the full functionality of iGlobe CRM and to get the update we push out, it  is important to authenticate the app up against iGlobe web service.  This is done for YOUR security and for enabling us to ensure that no one else but authorized and licensed customer have access to the CRM service. It is IMPORTANT that the username and password used, do not change or expires. If our service will not recognize the user we will reject the user. This means you CRM will not be allowed to be updated and your crm might not work properly.
To configure web service configuration, the following steps:

Go to Admin > Configuration > Web Service Config. It will open the configuration window like below.

Figure 23 Web Service Configuration Window

Write site user login-name in Login user name field. [User should have read, write and delete permission]

Write user password in Password field. Now click on “Verify” button to verify user authentication.

Note: [This user authentication is required for auto email sync, email sync and other services as well.]