Assuming you have an updated version of iGlobeCRM.app file. An update can be provided from the partner you have purchased iGlobe CRM from or from the Microsoft Office Store.

Login to your SharePoint site as an Admin user. Click on Admin > SharePoint from site top menu bar. 

SharePoint Admin 

The SharePoint Administration window will open. From the SharePoint Administration window left menu Click Apps > Apps-Catalog. It will take you to the app catalog page. 

SharePoint Administration Apps

From the left menu of the app catalog page click on Apps for SharePoint. It will show you all the apps, which are already added in this catalog. 

SharePoint App Catalog

From the top menu select File > Upload Document to upload the latest version of IGlobeCRM.app 

Upload Latest Version of IGlobeCRM App Window

 By clicking on Upload Document, it will show you file upload window. Clicking on Browse... button show the latest version of IGlobeCRM.app package. 

Upload New Version

  [Note: Make sure that “Add as a new version to existing files” checkbox is checked.] 

Write any version comments if you want to. Click on OK button. Wait for a while to update the newest version. When upload is complete then it will show you a window like below. 

SharePoint App Property Window 

Fill up the form with related information. This is optional; you are free to keep it as it is. 

Click on Save from ribbon button to save it. Wait for a while then you will see the latest version of the IGlobeCRM app package in the catalog list.  You now have the new version in you app catalog.

New Version Added in Catalog